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NHL 14 Live The Life

 Live the life is the only "new" game mode in NHL 14. Live the life is actually an upgraded on the be a pro game mode introduced in NHL 09 as an offline alternative to EA Sports Hockey League. Be a Pro mode had seen few improvements  through its 4 years in the game and because of that it has be ignored by most players in the recent years. For NHL 14 EA Sports decided it was time for them to try to update there game mode to be closer to other sports games versions of of Live the life.2k sports NBA 2k series is widely know to have the best be a pro game mode and when compared to NHL 13's it makes NHl 13's look like shit. When it was annouced that Live the life would be a main focus for NHL 14 fan jumped the gun and though it would be up to par with NBA 2k's game mode however apon release of the trailer fans became dissappointed because of how little appeared to have been changed. Below i will go over all of the features of Live the life and tell you what is new and what is there from NHL 09.

Designing your Pro:

We all have added ourselves into the a game with  create a player at some point sine we started playing NHL videos games. To start out you must design the the player you want to play as. Even though EA Sports game face was in NHL 2003 it is not in NHL 14 live the life so if you ant your pro to resemble you your going to have to play around for a long time to get your player looking right. Next your going to want to name your player and fill out his information.Some important categories to note are player type, height and weight. Your players height and wheight shoukd be chosen by your playing style. if you like speed you will want to be small and light. if you want to be a hard hitter you will want to be taller and weigh more.

Choosing your Equipment:


Does the type of equipment you have matter? No. Simple as that however what does matter is the radius of your skates. your choices are 9 inch, 11 inch and 13 inch all for differnet types of players. The 9 inch radius skates are good for defensmen who needs agility and are will to sacrifice speed for it. 11 inch blades are good for two way defesnce and forwards as they are very balanced just like two way players. 13 inch blades, they are what most players choose as they increase your a acceleration and speed greatly while sacrificing agility. Due to the fact the speed was the single most important part of NHL 13 everyone used them in an attempt to keep up with the pack. they are good for forwards trying to burst past the defender for an odd man rush.

Stick: The Two important parts of the stick customization are flex and curve. There are 4 different types of stick flex's: whip flex , regular flex, stiff flex and pro stiff flex. How important these flex's are to certain stats depends on your players height and weight. choose the flex that best fits your playing style, for example if you never take slapshots there is not reason to choose a  flex that is best for slapshots but bad for wrist shots.personally i feel wrist shot accuary is the most important for me but if you are playing against computer goalies wrist shot power is also vital. Next is Your sticks curve. You have four choices, Mid Open, Mid Neutral, Mid Closed and Heel Open. When im playing EASHL as a forward i like using Mid Open as wrist shot accuracy is important to me but again this just depends on how you shoot the puck.For example A defender may want heel open as he may just want to through the puck at the net hard not caring where its headed.

Where to Start:
You have 3 options for where you want to start your career in the CHL, at the entry draft or in the nhl. If you chose to start at the the entry draft your team is in the Memorial Cup and depending on how you do in the Memorial Cup your agent will tell you where he thinks you will go.If you chose to start in the CHL you will eventually get to this point.

The Entry Draft:

New for NHL 14 when you get to the entry draft teams will interview you. depending on how you answer these questions will affect how a team feels about drafting you. You will eventually be drafted and may be interviewed by the media from the team you have been drafted by.

Starting your first year:

The NHL team you have been drafted by will want you to play through the pre season games to help them decided if they want you on the big club  or in the minors. If you choose to sim all of the pre season games you will be sent down to the AHL affliate.

Experience Points:

Or XP Points are gained through playing games in are the way progression works. The better you do in a game the more XP points your get. the Experience Points can be spent on upgrading different stats. Depending on your player type stats will cost different amounts of XP for example a sniper will be able to buy shooting upgrades for less than a grinder but a grinder would get defensive upgrades for cheaper.

likeability meters:

Likeability meters are new for NHL 14 live the life and are affected by interviews and when teammates ask you do do specific tasks like help drive there family home after a game.

NOTE: this page wil be expanded as i play through NHL 14 live the life

Also in a recent patch EA Sports added a setting that allows you to switch on and of the penalty for simulating through too many games.